Skiligal Charters Fishing Reports


Captain Dave Peck| email: | tel: 252.475.9760

» 12/8/19  | Permit
Randy with his first ever permit


» 12/8/19  | Snook
Vic and Randy with a nice snook


» 12/8/19  | Snook
Greg with one of the many snook he caught in the backcountry


» 12/8/19  | Small tarpon
Van with a tarpon he caught casting in the mangroves


» 12/8/19  | Nice snook
Capt Wayne with a really nice snook he got on artificial!!!


» 12/8/19  | Mutton snapper
My friend Jason with a nice light tackle mutton snapper


» 12/8/19  | Permit
My buddy Doc with his first permit


» 12/8/19  | Florida report
Been in the Keys for a month or so now. Fishing has been great but backcountry has been really active !!! This is my dear friend Paula from fisherman’s wharf marina with a nice snook!! I will be down here through April if anyone wants to go light tackle fishing give me a call. 252 202 4405. We will kick off the Skiligal season Friday May 1. We have openings the first couple weeks of May right now. Hope everybody has a great holiday season Dave


» 10/28/19  | Friday report
Thanks to Ginger and her crew for going fishing with us. We enjoyed a perfect day weather wise. I do mean PERFECT. We managed a nice catch of 7 tuna and 3 wahoo amongst a huge fleet of boats. Glad that everyone had a good time and plenty of fish for the grill !!! Thanks guys. Dave


» 10/24/19  | Saturday report.
Had new friends onboard last Saturday and we all enjoyed a nice calm ocean. We were part of a 4 boat group. The mahi fishing was great east of the inlet with every boat catching plenty of mahi. We caught a nice wahoo trolling and the guys we’re ready to get in a little bit early. There were a few boats that headed north a good ways and did find some yellowfin tuna. Good sign and water conditions and weather say that they might hang around for a while !!! Tight lines Dave


» 10/17/19  | Tuesday report
Had our friends from Arlington VA back aboard !! Weather was finally pretty...... after turning around on Monday morning. The smaller tuna bit pretty well early in the morning but things slowed down after that. We lost a couple wahoos that bit ya off. One was a monster right at the boat almost to the gaff. Darn it. Looks like we’ll get out this weekend some. Tight lines Dave


» 10/8/19  | The past week
Got out a couple times last week with some good friends. Wasn’t that much going on either day and we did not get our share of bites either day. Thankfully both groups have stomped the fish with me in the past and totally understand!!! This is from Thursday. George , Wendell and Dennis had a pretty nice day and we managed to catch 6 tuna including. A couple 50 pounders the last hour. This week weather is impossible but hopefully this cool NE wind will bring some more yellowfin into the picture for the beginning of the week. Thanks for checking in Dave


» 9/28/19  | 9th inning rally.
Always good to see Angelo and the boys for a day of fishing !! Most of the day was slow for us. Weather was beautiful but not much happening. About 12 pm I heard something on the radio and took a gamble running way out to the east. It paid off !!! Great catch of mahi - some of them gaffers. And a 65 pound yellowfin to go with the sailfish release and a handful of blackfin from the morning. Glad our move paid off !!!!! Thanks fellas. Dave


» 9/27/19  | Action action
Great to have Nabbie , Robbie and the boys from Norfolk back again !!!! We headed south with the stiff NE breeze up the road. 3 yellowfin and a bunch of small and med blackfins kept the boys busy for a good while. Although not that big , the smaller blackfin taste exactly like yellowfin and we are glad to have them as an option. Was a bit choppy today. Hopefully tomorrow is calmer. Thanks guys. Dave


» 9/26/19  | Yellowfins
Round 2 for Doug , Dustin and the boys from PA !! Went back up to the north and found some yellowfins. Couple mahi for some fish tacos. Really nice most of the day but the ride home was a little bumpy. Glad to see some more yellowfin Thanks boys Tight lines Dave


» 9/25/19  | Great overnight trip
Thanks to our good friends Billy , Todd , Nate. , Phil the thrill , and Jason !!! Weather was better than expected and the fishing was super too. Nice to see a limit of yellowfin !!! Some of them in 50 pound range. All the mahi we wanted as well. Congrats to Pjil on his 60 pound citation wahoo and to Jason for his very first White Marlin release !!!!! We did hook a swordfish about midnight but we did not catxh him. Hopefully some of these yellowfin will stay around a while. Tight lines. Dave


» 9/24/19  | Mahi Mahi
Good dolphin fishing for my cousins from PA !!! Monday was a really pretty day on the water. Caught a handful of decent blackfins in the morning and then found some grass and caught 56 mahi. Jordan’s first trip and he caught his first tuna and dolphin !!! Thanks boys Dave


» 9/12/19  | Back out there. !!
Thanks to Jeff for organizing today trip !!! He brought some of his family including his father We headed south in search of tuna and mahi. As you can tell the tuna cooperated. Not much on the mahi in that neck of the woods but Jeff did boat a nice 32 pound gaffer bull !!! Glad to be out on such a pretty day !!! Thanks guys Dave


» 9/3/19  | Blue marlins and mahi
Really cool day with some good friends. Charlie , Phil , Jill and Scott endured a sloppier sea than expected the first part of the day. But it was worth it. Charlie released a Bkue marlin close to 400 pounds while Scott got one about 200 pounds that jumped at least 50 times !!!! Crazy. A while later Phil releases a really good sized white marlin. We also caught some good sized mahi around a big bed of grass. Bert and I thank you guys for a fun day !! Dave


» 9/1/19  | Saturday Blacfins.
Great to have Richard and his crew back aboard. Another perfect weather day !! We headed down towards the point and found the blackfins biting really well. It didn’t sound like much else going on nearby so we fished for them for a good part of the day and ended up with a really nice catch. Another really enjoyable day. Thanks guys. Dave


» 9/1/19  | Marlin and Mahi
Thanks to my longtime friend Chip for booking us Friday. The target was billfish with something for dinner if possible. Perfect weather and a fun day. Easton , on his first ever trip to the Bluewater did battle with a nice blue marlin. !!!! This thing tore up the surface and put on a show !!! He was released boatside to fishht another day. Chipper also released a nice white on light tackle and towards the end of the day we found some rope floating and caught some nice mahi. Fun day for everyone. Including Bert and Myself. Tight lines Dave


» 9/1/19  | Va Beach. VBBT
Last thurs thru sat we fished the tourney in Va Beach. Weather and fishing was tough. We ended up 11th place out of 79 boats. Thanks to Randy , Carlos , Scott , and Chris for being our team. We caught the 3 white marlin that we had bites from. 2 more and we could have won !!! We’ll get em next time. Tight lines Dave


» 8/22/19  | Wednesday.
Had some home cookin on the boat Wednesday!! Abbott, Stanley , Eugene , Alan , Brad and young Sawyer. Weather go a little bumpy in the afternoon as expected. Fishing was scrappy. Did manage a nice yellowfin , a couple Blackfin , a handful of mahi and a nice wahoo. Never saw a billfish like we had hoped. 8 year old Sawyer looks pretty happy holding up that nice yellowfin !!! Va beach billfish tourney gets rolling tomorrow as pretty much everybody took their lay day today !!! Thanks for checking in !! Dave


» 8/22/19  | Tuesday mixed bag
Randy sent some more fellas to us on Tuesday. Randy , Sergio and the boys caught a mixed bag of delicious fish. Wahoo , mahi , sea bass and tilefish. This was the last pretty day for a while. !!!! Glad we could get out there. Tight lines Dave


» 8/22/19  |


» 8/22/19  | Monday report.
Still in va beach for the tournament late in the week. Randy sent some of his best workers out for a day on the water. We caught a mix of wahoo mahi sea bass tilefish and grouper. Milton and the guys had fun and will be eating some supreme fish !!! Tight lines Dave


» 8/22/19  | Va beach ladies tourney.
Missy and her girls were back for more !!! Weather was iffy but we gave it a go. Young Summer and Becca ( both 8 yrs old ) did fantastic. We caught a bunch of nice mahi. But no billfish sighting. As you can see the girls decorated the heck out of the boat and had a good time showing it off at the dock !!!! Always a fun day. Thanks ladies !!! Dave


» 8/22/19  | Last Wednesday
Sorry for lack of reports. Been traveling and busy. This was last week. This day the fishing center put togerther a really nice group of guys for a make up. Trolling was pretty slow. Found GIANT beds of grqaa but no mahi. Eventually we ended up bottom fishing and catching a mess of tilefish and a few nice Black Sea bass. At least the guys had a nice day and some fresh fish for several dinners !!!! Tight lines Dave


» 8/12/19  | Beautiful day !!!!
Thanks to Ken and his crew for our trip today !!! Weather was close to perfect. Trolling action was a little sparse but we did catch a couple yellowfin Covered a lot of ground and found 2 places of mahi. One was enormous but they didn’t bite like they should have. But plenty good for one boat !!!! Our anglers did a really good job too !! Tight lines Dave


» 8/11/19  | Alice Kelly ladies day.
Today was a really fun day!!! Jenn and the girls were all in on catching some marlin. Weather was nice but the fishing was slow !! Thankfully just after lunchtime a nice blue marlin attacked our short rigger. Kathy was up to the challenge as she brought this est. 400 pd beauty to boat side. Really cool. We didn’t get enough bites to win but we all enjoyed that so much. Back to meat fishing tomm. Tight lines Dave